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Vermicompost & Biochar Blend

Vermicompost & Biochar Blend

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The process of pyrolysis (the specific burning method used to make biochar) creates a large surface area with numerous tiny pores, providing an ideal environment for microbial colonization and nutrient retention, fostering healthier plant growth and overall soil ecosystem resilience.

Biochar activation involves saturating the charcoal with plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, by soaking it in compost tea, or mixing it in with vermicompost.



  • Increases soil aeration and soil pliability
  • Nutrients can stick to the sides of biochar creating a long term food source for plant roots and microbes
  • The cell structure of biochar contains tiny pores that provide homes for all kinds of microbiology to take up residence and thrive
  • Increases the diversity and abundance of soil microbes
  • Provides long-term carbon sequestration
  • Improves plant growth and increases yields
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Don Morrison

Great product
Noticeable change in plant health