Meet The Team

Polly Orr

Polly is an avid soil builder who loves getting their boots dirty and their hands in the mud. Some of their most proud accomplishments include:

  • Completing their Permaculture Design Certificate Course and assisting in teaching the social Permaculture modules
  • Designing and implementing multiple food forest landscapes on top of Mount Tuam
  • Upgrading a regenerative farm scale soil building system for Paradise Within Farm
  • Helping breed 1/2 million worms who make beautiful soil every single day
  • A lifelong commitment to decolonization, decentralization, and radical love 


Nick Jones

Nick's aspirations are to help lay the foundation for future generations to thrive on earth. His core focuses are spiritual growth, community building and regenerative agriculture. Co-creating a homestead and farm, teaching Permaculture Design, and collaborating with the community to build a healthy culture, are how Nick stands against the injustices of colonization & the insanity of infinite growth on a finite planet.


Taiga is our faithful border collie English shepherd farm dog. Her favourite past times include sneaking snacks from the compost pile, long walks on the beach followed by long swims in the ocean, and midnight forest adventures.