Work With Us

For our 2022 season, we are looking to fill 2 Gardener roles to help Head Gardener Nomi in the greenhouse and surrounding gardens. These spaces include a herbal garden by the kitchen, a reclamation site from an old logging patch that is getting repopulated with fruit trees, bushes, and other soil building plants, as well as outdoor annual beds.

The position offers room and board throughout the growing season with a spot available immediately. New team members must join us by May 1, 2022 by the latest.

We are an off grid site working with Permaculture principles to design our relationships and systems of working with the land. The land only had a couple old logging roads when the project started, and things have developed a far way since then.

While we've come a long way, certain systems are still being developed, so we appreciate open minded, curious and inventive individuals who are interested in being involved in that process of refinement and creation.


Accomodations include a selection of cabins, yurts, and outdoor camping. Spaces are designated dependent on long term status of each team member joining us (priority being given to those who are permanent or returning members). All team members will be provided an indoor space if they join during the rain season. Due to spaces available, these may be shared or temporary spaces transitioned to camping when the warmer months come. Options and preference can be discussed in more detail during our interview.

Food will be provided for you while you are here with us. We provide access to any food grown in the gardens as well as a stock supply of grains, legumes and basic cooking and baking ingredients. Any additional snacks or specialty items will needed to be provided individually. While we usually plan some weekly meals to cook together, a majority of the cooking is done on your own. During the summer months we have an outdoor kitchen with propane stoves, oven and a BBQ available for use.

Washing is done in our outdoor solar or compost shower during the warm months. We also have a sauna available for use, and ponds that people swim in during the summer.