About Us

This family adventure is led by Nomi Adamson and Nick Adamson-Jones.

Nomi is our head gardener, leading the way in developing systems to nourish our soil, planting beyond organic food, and collecting seeds from all the best experiments.

Nick Jones was the dreamer who initially envisioned a way of feeding our communities in ways that nourished the land rather than degrading it. He has travelled around the world learning from workshops, classes and immersive programs, now bringing that back to Salt Spring to spread through Permaculture Design Courses, season long immersions on the homestead, and Food Justice projects with the greater community.

Polly Orr Asaf and Joel are all in their third year at the farm, just crazy and excited enough to keep coming back for more. Polly is invested in managing the growing Food Forest sites, while Joel has led the way in most of the large scale building projects since arriving. Asaf is an Eco-forester who help sustainably manage the trees alongside the Forestry team who has been training and working on the land for several years.

Taiga, Willow and Heya are our brave and wild dog team.  Always willing to lick plates, sneak into compost, and fetch a stick, they are on constant deer patrol duty, but demand to be paid with lots of belly rubs and walks in the sun.